To survive and prosper, companies such as ours must meet – and where ever possible exceed – ever increasing community expectations and demands about Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE) . As well we need to comply strictly with increasingly stringent legal requirements related to SHE. Aiming this PETROGOLD have adopted an integrated approach to systems management and are developing an SHE Management System to cover all aspects of our business processes and satisfy various standards. With this holistic approach, we shall deliver a world-class product / service to our clients. We have a legacy of executing complex process, pipelines, tank farms and petrochemical, chemical and power projects. Challenging projects require precision and vigilance. Laying pipelines in difficult terrain, inhospitable weather, amidst existing pipeline networks; working in existing refineries, contaminated toxic gas environment; hydro-pneumatic testing of large dia tanks are just some of the challenges that would intimidate many. But with our strong focus on SHE at every step, we are able to surmount all difficulties. An injury-free track record because of excellent safety standards, competent and effective project management skills, and timely completion of contracts have been the company's forte. Safety measures that the company has knitted into the framework of functioning take into account perceived risk, practicality, compliance with regulations and recognition of social norms.

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